The Ignorosophists for “Duftstars 2017”

Igonorosophy meets “Duftstars 2017”

The Ignorosophists were invited to create an art piece dedicated to the Duftstars Awards 2017 in Vienna.
Inspired by the world of fragrances, we started to work on a painting a few weeks ago and are very proud of presenting the result of our work at the gala taking place tonight at the Aula der Wissenschaften in Vienna’s city center.

We could not only contribute to the evening by providing the painting, but also every guest of the gala received a uniquely signed print of our artwork. In total 350 gifts were given to the guests and we hope that this present was received  with joy and was able to spread some creative spirit among them.

“Capturing Diversity – A Special Composition”

This painting was our attempt at interpreting diversity as it is. Unrestricted, spontaneous and without trivia. Disrespecting conventions and without any desire for rules, order and unambiguity. The space is alive and the shapes aren’t standing still. Using every opportunity in redefining borders, comprehending the Gestalt beyond beaten paths and forgetting one’s  self

Thinking Diversity.

Experiencing Diversity.

Capturing Diversity - Duftstars 2017
“Capturing Diversity – A Special Composition” 2017 I Wien I 60cm x 80cm I Acryl & Kohle auf Leinwand


Some impressions of the project. More to come…


Thanks a lot “Duftstars” for making this project possible.

The Ignorosophists.


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