Kunstsupermarkt 2018/19

No Manual Needed

(and other advanced analysis)

What do you write about things that would not be if not for you? If everything you see is what you made. What came out of your head. But you are still struggling to understand the very beginning of it all.
The impulse that started a sequence of events leading to an orchestrated chaos of colors, lines, and inextricably entangled entities.

They call it “art”.  As if it were something special. But then again, why do I still need an hour to think of some bullshit titles for a piece of paper with some color on it?

I was told: an artwork does not need to be beautiful to be liked. Art is more… More idiocy. Thanks for your attention: this is my “idea”, there is a meaning in this piece of creative work. It resembles the essence of all the problems of this world and its solutions. Oh yeah? I guess then it is contemporary art? Wow.
Yes, it aims to raise awareness for a cause, but I can’t tell you which because it has to be special. Something that has not been done before.

No. Art is a serious business. There is money to be made, fame to be earned, politicians to be ignored, love found and love lost. But take a look first, freshly brewed art without ideas. Art that does not need a fucking manual: