New painting: “April in Vienna”

Abstract Painting April In Vienna; A lot of black and white lines; red blue and grey areas

New Painting: April In Vienna

50x40cm, Acrylic on Paper; Click on the  painting to view a larger version.

So today I actually planed to finish working on the sketch of a drawing I fabricated a few weeks back, but apparently it didn’t work out so well. With the drawing I mean.  First I started coloring some of the areas (which you can’t see anymore, because a lot of paint covers them now) with some nasty blue and decent red. That, as I soon found out, was a mistake. I hate red and blue together without any other colors next to them, it,  simply,  looks,  terrible. Consequently, my motivation to keep on working on the drawing soon was pretty much zero. I liked the template of the drawing, but, more importantly, I should have been aware of the consequences of me choosing red and blue to begin with, because I knew very well at the time I started painting, that I hate blue and red together (still makes me wonder, why I did that). So after an hour of painting I was stranded with a painting fucked up beyond repair and consequently in a foul mood. So I decided to give the abomination in front of me a classic modern-art makeover and refurbish it in a burlesque fashion in order to destroy it ultimately, and with it hopefuly my disgust and anger. After a few minutes, there was nothing left from the original work and the result surprised me, because usually I hate it to paint that way (and consequently don’t do it), using all these bold and undefined strokes, and grey….  Who uses grey, so boring, so sad, much ugly. Maybe because of the mixture of these mistakes and (for me) disgusting ingredients, I like it. Not in a deep and good way but in a way. What do you think?


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