Sugababed me

Talk about inspiration

Whenever someone asks “hey, whats your inspiration?” I don’t really know what to say. Well, probably because I don’t think about it too much…Nonetheless, it might me appropriate to provide an answer, right?

Alright. I’d say, most of all, I don’t look for inspiration. Inspirational things rather randomly pop up in life all the time, whether it is music, people, emotions, drinks, talks – the list is never-ending – that cause what one might call inspiration.  And, it definitely changes all the time. Well, I guess on that we all agree.
But let me just give you an example of a current, random ‘inspirational’ thing…

Going for Sugababes
Have you ever heard of the Sugababes? I’m sure crazy 90ies people do. If not, so sorry, but you’ve really missed something…Seriously, give it a try – here.

Cause I just recently worked on two pieces and was listening to Sugababes non-stop while painting. I tell you, I totally got sugababed. And this is how things ended up:

Painting Magic Position
Painting Magic Position
Painting Lookin' Good
Painting Lookin’ Good

Eventually, to me, it is not that important to deeply reflect on what inspires me.   I don’t feel the need of conducting a detailed analysis and mind-numbing interpretation. Having painted this artworks, I rather hope that I could give back one of these random inspirational moments to anyone viewing. In other words, I rather hope, that I managed to sugababe you.


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