New Painting: Scream Like A Butterfly

Scream Like A Butterfly

Taking a walk out in the woods
You set down your feet on some grass and dry, brown leaves
And you start thinking
About all the colours you see all the forms you can distinguish and suddenly
You understand the need that was burried deep down inside your mind

Abstract Art
Scream Like A Butterfly

Why should we leave it all behind
Art with standards that requires effort and logic
Without obvious ideas and titles that explain what can not be explained

When all the famous paintings you admire light up in front of your inner eye
And you think

Then you remember all the crap

And you realize how ridiculous it is
Idiots everywhere
Idiot artists who follow “principles” like insects follow light
Idiot people who “like” art the same way they like their TV

So you start wondering about the historic metamorphosis art endured
From a rare, philosophically challenging entity to
A product taken for granted
Seemingly made for a purpose other than its own inherent ambition

To actuate our mind through the endless waters of our creativity
Forcing us to step beyond borders we did not notice before

2 Replies to “New Painting: Scream Like A Butterfly”

  1. Guten Abend, ich interessiere mich für Ihre Kunstwerke, speziell “Scream like a Butterfly” und möchte gerne nach dem Preis fragen? Herzlichen Dank vorab!
    Beste Grüsse, Sylvia Krexhammer

    1. Liebe Frau Krexhammer,
      Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse. Sie sollten eine Email von uns erhalten haben!

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