Painting: “Obscurity”

Obscure Art

Art cannot be obvious. If it is, it is boring and therefore bad. Because what I seek in art is inspiration and this I cannot find if my mind does not encounter errors, complexity and chaos. Errors, or illogical consequences, evoke thinking of alternatives. Complexity is necessary to render these alternatives infinitely. And chaos, of course, is mandatory to make each view of the artwork and each encounter a unique experience. Unique, because it is unpredictable.

Obvious Art on the other hand, does not offer the possibility to reflect and generate other perspectives. Which in turn corrupts art to simplicity and a means to an end.

What I mean to achieve with art is nothing. Undefintive answers to questions no one ever asked. Pure and intensive pointlessness. Situated outside of every human dimension, converting answers in questions and reframing perspectives.

Abstract Painting



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