Let it flow – some words on drawings.

Drawings – A stream of improvisation
Drawings. What’s the procedure? What’s the concept? Well, here’s the story.
First of all, you relax. Second, you turn on good music. Third, you just purely let it flow. Let all spontaneous pictures and fantasies that are popping up in your mind flow from the top to the fingertips until they reach the pencil and, eventually, the paper –  in any random way. No control. No control. Absolutely no control.

Actually, no story.

Don’t care
So there is no concept. Just couldn’t care less about it. Whether l like the outcome in the end or not.  No bad consequences involved. The only thing I’m trying to achieve is to provide something inspirational to myself and everyone else who’s looking at the drawing.

Observers make up their own story.

Random lines
This new drawing “Man with Coat”, Pencil and Pen on Paper, happened to end up displaying a man with a coat. I hope you like it!

Drawings Man with Coat
Man with Coat

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