New Painting ‘Un Casino’

Painting Un Casino


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Back and round and round and forth, up and down, down, inside . . . outside, outsider, back, turn!, further, upside, downfall, get-up? and round and round and back again, against. yeah!

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New painting – ‘Un Casino’, 80x100cm, acrylic, Ink and charcoal on canvas.



Kunstsupermarkt Wien

THE IGNOROSOPHISTS beim 11. Wiener Kunstsupermarkt

Wer schon immer ein Original* der Ignorosophists haben wollte, der hat nun Gelegenheit dazu: Beim 11. Wiener Kunstsupermarkt, der seine Pforten von  nun an bis Ende Jänner geöffnet hat, kann man unsere Werke nicht nur erleben sondern auch kaufen. Der Kunstsupermarkt hat bis Ende Jänner geöffnet. Ihr findet ihn auf der Mariahilferstraße 103, Höhe Zieglergasse. Continue reading “Kunstsupermarkt Wien”

Exhibtion: Anima Mundi – Venice

Participation in Anima Mundi International Art Festival in Venice

Good News: Two works of The Ignorosophists will be shown as part of the Anima Mundi International Art Festival – “Consiousness”! The exhibition is organised by It’s Liquid Group and currated by Luca Curci. The exhibtion is open from July 13th to Semptember 3rd 2017 and is located at the Palazzo Ca’Zanardi in Venice, Italy. A variety of works from different artists are presented and the 57th La Biennale di Venezia is right around the corner, so, if you happen to be there, stop by!

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm and entry is free!

Here are some impressions of the exhibition:



Welcome To The Ignorosophists’ Website

Logo Website The Ignorosophists

Welcome to the world of Ignorosophy!

On this website we would like to share our artworks and music and let you enter the world of Ignorosophy.  In the artwork section you find a selection of our paintings and drawings. If you want to view our artworks in high resolution, you can do that too.

Feel free to leave your comments and do not hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope you have a very good time!

Who we are? 

We are Felix and Teresa – The Ignorosophists. Two young artists based in Vienna, Austria, that united to create art and follow a certain philosophy, which we call the Ignorosophy. To find out more about our motivation, visit About.
When creating art, we meet up and work in the same space, but mostly work on separate pieces, though there are some artworks that were co-created too.

Please note, that the content of this website is still under construction and not yet completed.